Shillong Traffic Congestion

About 3 years ago


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Traffic congestion rules the roost in every part of the city crying for a solution that seems too distant a dream in the current messy scenario.

This film deals with the problem of traffic congestion in the city of Shillong, particularly the Laitumkrah locality. Insights by the traffic police, taxi drivers, pedestrians, school children and the general public on the traffic congestion show a multi-faceted view on how troublesome the traffic congestion is in the streets of Shillong as well as what measures are being taken and should be taken to make this situation better for all. 

Released on: 2004


CinematographyNilakshi Dutta

DirectorK C Gabriela

EditingIndrajeet Borah

ProducerDepartment of Mass Media St Anthonys College Shillong


Language English

Tags Traffic Jam Shillong Congestion Meghalaya street Laitumkhrah school children general public traffic traffic police traffic congestion road no parking compounding

Source :Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony's College Shillong

Year of Production : 2004

Copyright : Restricted