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The Khasi tribe, which lives in India and Bangladesh, is known for its matrilineal culture in which women dominate a family. As the economy develops, the life of Khasi is improving. There are more than one million Khasi people in India and around 30,000 in Bangladesh, mainly in northeastern Sylhet Division. Before partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, Khasi people belonged to one country. After partition, majority of Khasi live in India, and the rest in Bangladesh.

Released on: 2002


Director Evangeline Wahlang

EditingKabita Baraily

ProducerDepartment of Mass Media St Anthonys College Shillong

WriterSimple Surong

Language English

Tags conflict khasi in Bangladesh Khasia Kasia

Source :Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony's College Shillong

Year of Production : 2002

Copyright : Creative Commons (CC) license