Point and Shoot

About 3 years ago


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The film attempts to understand the relationship of a traditional hunting community, the Yimchungrü tribe of Nagaland; with the animals and birds found in the forests around their village, Fakim. It shows the significance of hunting in a tribal society and ways in which it is adapting to a rapidly changing cultural and ecological landscape.
Situated near the Indo-Myanmar border in Nagaland, Fakim is a small village, where the people share a unique coexistence with the environment. In the urban world, the word ‘hunting’ has several preconceived notions attached to it. It is often perceived as a taboo and never regarded as an art or a tradition. Rooted in rich culture, this film intends to re-define hunting as a concept, as seen in the past, the present, and in the future.

The film explores if it is possible to reach a balance between the practice of hunting and the practice of conservation. The film does not look at the act of hunting in isolation, but reveals a complex web of interdependencies of the people with the forest and the society they live in.

Released on: 2016


DirectorHarsimran Kaur AnandHarsimran Kaur Anand

ProducerSrishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Language English

Tags Yimchungru Tribal Nagaland

Year of Production : 2016

Copyright : Restricted