Sounds from the truck country

About 3 years ago


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Right amidst the wailing coal trucks, Manbha Lamare and Heibormi Sungoh of Shangpung village, Jaintia Hills, participate in the ritual of Koo-Iung, a house warming of sorts. Amidst the sacred chants and rhythms of lineage, lies hidden the song and dance form called La Heh.

Released on: 2015


CinematographyArwat Challam

DirectorTarun BhartiyaTarun BhartiyaTarun Bhartiya

ProducerNorth East Slow Food & Agro Biodiversity Society

WriterK. Mark Swer

Language English

Tags Old Song Dance La Heh Shangpung Jaintia koo-lung

Source :Department of Art & Culture, Govt. of Meghalaya

Year of Production : 2015

Copyright : Restricted