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"1. CHARAN SINGH THE 5TH PRIME MINISTER: New Delhi, 26th July. President Sanjiva Reddy invites Mr Charan Singh, leader of the Janata Party (Secular) to form an alternative Government. Eight cabinet ministers are sworn in. Mr Charan Singh taking oath in Hindi. Janata Party (Secular) President Raj Narain addresses a public rally at Ram Leela Ground. 2.FLOODS IN RAJASTHAN: For the first time in 30 years the largely desert districts of Pali, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jalore and Nagour under floods. Army jawans engaged in rescue operations. 3. INDUSTRIAL NEWS: COAL BASED FERTILISER PROJECTS - Built built near the pit-heads at Ramagundam in Andhra Pradesh. Another one at Talcher. 4. REGIONAL NEWS (EAST): (a) SHIFTING OF JHUM CULTIVATION: In Byrnihat Meghalaya, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has launched a projec to develop an alternative system of farming on slopes and terraces against jhum cultivation. (b) RATH YATRA - CAR FESTIVAL: Badipadha, Orissa. (c) CHILDREN'S PARK: At Patna, Bihar. (d) DIEH DIEN KHLAM FESTIVAL: Jowai town of Meghalaya, the Jaintias celebrate their popular annual festival. All the outdoor celebrations are for men only"

Released on: 1979


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Tags Charan Singh the Fifth Prime Minister Floods in Rajasthan Indian News Review Coal Based Fertilizer Projects Shifting of Jhum Cultivation in Byrnihat Behdeinkhlam in Jowai

Year of Production : 1979

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