Rocking the Hills

About 3 years ago


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'Rocking the Hills' is a journey into the musical traditions of the states of North East India. Music plays an important part in these states as it represents a natural harmony in the culture. As much of the parts are English speaking, musical genres like jazz, blues, country and folk get intertwined and hybridised with the local tunes and what emerges is a unique Indo-Western composition. The film features bands like Soulmate, Great Society and Abiogenesis and some of their music, which reflect the emotions and conditions the people in the North East share. The world record for the biggest guitar ensemble is also featured in the film.

Released on: 2008


CinematographyJ P Singh

DirectorSavyasaachi Jain

EditingP Anand Rao

ProducerIndian Diplomacy

Language English

Tags Shillong Music Shillong Guitar Shillong blues harmony culture jazz blues folk soulmate Great society band Abiogenesis Guitar Guinness world record

Year of Production : 2008

Copyright : Restricted