Few Angels in Hell

About 3 years ago


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The documentary revolves around the lives of six street children – Nagesh, who is a child labour king at a living selling channa, Ajay, a victim of child abuse who is mentally disturbed and is people wary. Rahul, a victim of domestic violence perpetuated by his own father, Nazir and Rafiq, two homeless kids who sleep in Police Bazaar street in a sack and Vikash, an under aged drug addict who is a member of a street gang. It focuses on the lives of these children to reveal the dark underbelly of the society that we often choose to ignore, which is titled “Few Angles in Hell”

Released on: 2010


CinematographyFullstarwell L SohtunFullstarwell L Sohtun

DirectorRavi Bhushan Tigga

ProducerDepartment of Mass Media St Anthonys College Shillong

Writer Anjali MuktiehHibu Dindie

Language English

Tags Street children Shillong Street drugs smoking homeless Drug addict Street gang police bazaar

Source :Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony's College Shillong

Year of Production : 2010

Copyright : Restricted