Cityscapes - Shillong

About 4 years ago


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'Cityscapes' is a six part series on six cities of India representing the diverse nature and histories of cities in India. 'Shillong' shows the influences of the British in its architecture, lifestyle and language, and the attempts of its indigenous people, the Khasis, to revive Khasi traditions. Shillong is the place where the British moved to after they found Cherapunji too wet. They called it 'Scotland of the East'. A multicultural city, Shillong is home to people from both India and Europe. The films attempts to explore the culture of Khasis through interviews, snapshots of indigenous people, reconstruction of legends, traditional dances, architecture, bazaars and documentary footage.

Released on: 1999


CinematographyAmit RajSanjeev Chettri

Language English

Tags Shillong Culture Dance Events

Source :Indian Diplomacy

Year of Production : 1999

Copyright : Restricted