PM Rajiv Gandhi visits to the State of Meghalaya
2019-11-13 10:44:30

Late PM of India Rajiv Gandhi visited the state of Meghalaya to inaugurate the Balphakram National Park on 27th Dec 1987. PM’s visit to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu., PM’s visit to Shantiniketan (W.B.)., PM dedicates Hydro-Electric Project.

Released on: 1980

When the Chief Minister Met the People
2019-11-11 12:55:47

Women's group broke all the akor (Manner) and confronted Dr. D. D. Lapang, Chief Minister of Meghalaya 29th October 2004. This documentary is about the protest of the Meghalaya women association and various women NGOs against the setting up of the State Commission for women by the CM.

Released on: 2004

Indira Gandhi Meets Opposition Leaders In Delhi To Discuss Assam Problems
2019-11-11 11:54:29

(2 Jun 1980) Indian Prime Minister Inidira Gandhi and her Cabinet meet with the opposition leaders in New Delhi to discuss the crisis with refugees in Assam as people protest against immigrants.

Released on: 1980

PM Visits Assam and Meghalaya
2019-11-05 15:19:10

The film showing the visit India's Prime Minister, the late Indira Gandhi to the north-eastern states of Assam and Meghalaya to personally see the progress achieved there under the 20-Point Programme announced by her.

Released on: 1976

INR 1607
2019-11-01 09:12:25

"1. CHARAN SINGH THE 5TH PRIME MINISTER: New Delhi, 26th July. President Sanjiva Reddy invites Mr Charan Singh, leader of the Janata Party (Secular) to form an alternative Government. Eight cabinet ministers are sworn in. Mr Charan Singh taking oath in Hindi. Janata Party (Secular) President Raj Narain addresses a public rally at Ram Leela Ground. 2.FLOODS IN RAJASTHAN: For the first time in 30 years the largely desert districts of Pali, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jalore and Nagour under floods. Army jawans engaged in rescue operations. 3. INDUSTRIAL NEWS: COAL BASED FERTILISER PROJECTS - Built built near the pit-heads at Ramagundam in Andhra Pradesh. Another one at Talcher. 4. REGIONAL NEWS (EAST): (a) SHIFTING OF JHUM CULTIVATION: In Byrnihat Meghalaya, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has launched a projec to develop an alternative system of farming on slopes and terraces against jhum cultivation. (b) RATH YATRA - CAR FESTIVAL: Badipadha, Orissa. (c) CHILDREN'S PARK: At Patna, Bihar. (d) DIEH DIEN KHLAM FESTIVAL: Jowai town of Meghalaya, the Jaintias celebrate their popular annual festival. All the outdoor celebrations are for men only"

Released on: 1979

24 hour Strike
2019-10-31 14:25:32

A 24 hour strike is called by Assamese militants to protest against the opening of the first session of the newly elected Assembly. There is heavy security in the state capital Gauhati, and other parts of Assam after recent anti-assembly uprisings.

Released on: 1983

Boycott to vote
2019-10-31 13:47:33

350 people have died in election violence due to Assamese slaughtering Bengali immigrants whom they claim are not entitled to vote in the state elections. The last round of voting has been boycotted by half of the population as most opposition parties support the Assamese. Several people are shot by police as they attempt to steal the ballot boxes.

Released on: 1983

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
2019-10-26 11:11:35

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

Archival Video File A-018


1 - (A)PM visit to Rajasthan ,(B)PM with the Army Commanders ,(C)NDC meeting at Vigyan Bhawan

2 - PM Sh. Rajiv Gandhi addressing a mass Rally at Bombay (Mumbai)

3 - Anjuman-I-Islam Celebration- Education Trust based in Bombay (Mumbai)

4 - PM visit to Maharashtra

5 - PM visit to Maharashtra

6 - Ministerial level meeting a Shillong

7 - Conference of Public Sectors at Vigyan Bhawan- two days National Seminar on the roll of Science and Technology

8 - PM released a book titled ’Swaraj Bhawan’ at New Delhi

9 - PM addressing the Tagore Anniversary Celebration

10 - Curtain raiser on PM visit to African countries

11 - Curtain raiser on PM visit to African countries

12 - Curtain raiser on PM visit to African countries

13 - Curtain raiser on PM visit to African countries

14 - PM return back to Delhi after visiting African countries

15 - PM addressing the meeting of the All India Ex-Serviceman call on AICC (I), New Delhi

16 - Indian cricketers (Women ) Team meeting with PM

17 - Mr. Nujoma called on PM. Later the SWAPO leader had a talk with PM

18 - PM presided over the first meeting of Border Hoods Development Board

19 -Africa Day 1986, PM presided over the function to mark 23rd Anniversary of the setting up of the organisation of Africa Unity as Africa Day at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi



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