Harvesting rice at Wakching
2019-11-13 10:57:29

On the slopes above and below, groups of men and boys and a few girls of Shoupa's family were cutting the rice. The harvesters cut sheaves of rice-stalks and left them on the ground to be picked up by small boys who in turn carried them to the threshing hut. The reapers worked in lines or semi-circles, shouting as they proceeded with surprising speed. The effect was almost that of a machine, and plots of high waving rice-plants were suddenly reduced to bare ground where only the large leaves of taro plants emerged from heaps of cut rice-stalks. (From the field notes of Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, 1970-08-29) 

Released on: 1970

The Story Of India Tea AKA The Story Of Indian Tea (1931)
2019-11-07 14:15:20

Men work to clear land with shovels and picks. Elephants are used to clear away debris. Tea seeds are tested in water. Seeds are planted. Fencing is erected to prevent animals damaging the crop. Straw is spread on the ground. Seedlings are taken and transplanted after a year's growth. The soil around the plants is hoed. The trees are pruned. Young trees are tipped. A group of child workers pose for the camera. A family of workers pose. Women pick tea.

Released on: 1931

Tea picking in Assam, India, 1940s.
2019-11-07 12:49:08

Tea picking in Assam, India. Woman works with baby on her back. The 'flush' crop is taken first. Women pickers with basket on her back held by her forehead. Women with baskets on their heads. A line of women in single file. The leaves are weighed. Men use scales. Line of women waiting to get into leaf house. The leaves are left to wither on rocks.

Released on: 1940

Indian tea in the 1920s
2019-10-31 15:42:56

Tea Production in India in the 1920's. Tea plantation. Colonial India. Ground is prepared by large number of Indians who use mattocks to ready the soil. Tea seeds are tested by being floated in water. Seeds are planted in holes made by a stick and pulverised earth placed on the seed in the hole. Large number of agricultural workers.

Released on: 1963